Premier Electronic Consultants & Website Engineers   Global Network Connections is a company that specializes in a wide variety of electronic devices and parts.  In the 1990’s we started as a retail sales outlet offering new and used computer equipment, in- house and on-site warranties, extensive end-user support and training for new users. A decade later, we started distributing Internet services and web hosting through various vendors.  As we evolved, our company began offering diverse solutions which include; specialized vehicle systems, such as GPS tracking and streaming video surveillance systems.  Some of our first projects incorporated these specialized solutions into early Commercial Transportation Industries. Global Network Connections has grown into a major worldwide provider of professional services that include electronic sales, hardware and network support and consulting services.  Additionally, we have began developing applications for a variety of new mobile operating systems. Today, customers are challenged with a number of new innovations - many of which are considered personal devices.  Through rigorous testing of function, reliability, durability, and comfort - Global Network Connections has the expertise to identify the best available products and solutions for you and your company.
Robert Lampman   Owner, Sales, Developer, Technician, Designer, Senior Analyst and Consultant.  Robert has over thirty years of comprehensive computer industry experience. 
Avinash Lampman  CEO, Technician, Designer.  Avinash is our youngest team member.  He contributes fresh ideas and intuitive perspectives.  Young individuals are the keys to a sucessful future.  
Danny Graeser Assistant Manager of Sales. As a Technician, Designer and Consultant; Danny also provides excellent end-user support, as well as project development. Danny specializes in the mobile application field.
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Kaelyn Graeser As a personal assistant, Kaelyn has a vast amount of responsibility to help keep our company productive.  Kaelyn is also a product tester and consultant.  She works very closely with technicians and designers and is knowledgeable about new technologies within the industry.